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Our Classes

Classes at CBA are designed around a sense of developing sportsmanship, community, and scholarship.
We welcome everyone with an interest in CBA's classes or activities.
Teen and youth classes are available with a dedicated schedule.


Fencing Bout
School Bout

Olympic Fencing

Fencing is a celebrated international sport consisting of three separate weapons: foil, epee, and sabre.  Learn speed, balance, and agility along with core strength.
CBA offers young children's classes (for kindergarten-age and up), youth classes (ages 8-12), teen classes (ages 13+), and adult instruction.

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With a focus on historical weapon techniques from Medieval Europe, Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) resurrects traditional fighting styles through a competitive, athletic lens. Be ready for a heavier sword!

Check out the variety of HEMA classes that are available with membership.

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Kendo Battle


Kendo has deep roots in Japanese culture, originating in the early 1700s. Modern practice of Kendo combines the precision and focus of the original martial art with contemporary athletic training.


Tameshigiri originates in the Edo period (17th century) and was used for testing the quality of Japanese swords. It continues to the present day, evolving into a martial art which focuses on demonstrating the practitioner's skill with a sword.

Man with Samurai Sword
Fencing Bout

Summer Camps

Do you want something to keep the kids both physically and mentally active this summer... or all year round? Fencing is a great lifetime sport that develops the same areas of the brain as music and chess. 

Fencing at School

Parties & Events

We're a favorite for a unique birthday party for almost all ages- and easy for parents with several options nearby for treats (including ice cream and coffee shops/bakeries for parents to relax).

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