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February 24 - 25 Workshop

Classical Italian Military Duelling Saber Seminar

Instructor Sean Newton (FMCP, Scuola Magistrale School of Italian Fencing) will lead a two-day workshop at CBA.
Learn the basics of the elegant and deadly saber systems of Radaelli, Barbasetti, Pecararo & Pessina.

Workshop Summary deets here.

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CBA regularly hosts tournaments, guest lecturers, weekend seminars, and more.  

We are also privileged to be directly affiliated with the Oakeshott Institute, a non-profit organization named after the late Ewart Oakeshott, a leading authority on European arms and armor. His collection, now maintained by the Institute, contains more than 75 swords and related armor / paraphernalia, spanning nearly 4,000 years of history. The collection includes a sword from the First Crusade and a Scandanavian sword from the Bronze Age.

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