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Fencing Mask


The Center for Blade Arts combines practice based on centuries of tradition, dedication to strong body and mind, and fostering
a supportive, welcoming community.

Through a variety of Olympic and Historical European (HEMA) swordsmanship classes, CBA trains all ages into competent fencers.

Join us to improve your agility, endurance, speed, and critical thinking.


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Historical European Martial Arts including singlestick, sword and buckler, and more


Modern sport fencing with classes in foil, epee, and sabre


Modern Japanese swordmanship using bamboo swords​ 

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Traditional Japanese cutting art with practical applications

Fencing at School

Classes, Camps, and Activities

For the Kids

Offer your child a fun and supportive community to explore the world of fencing.  CBA offers classes, private lessons, and camps for kids as young as 6 for Olympic fencing and 10 for HEMA.

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